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Adopting new technology is difficult for even the best teams.

As YourMembership's preferred adoption partner, Starkweather knows how to drive adoption success. We help you manage training, strategy & on-boarding to reduce disruption and risk. We know how to fit training into busy schedules and keep momentum strong, even when teams are busy.

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March 16th 2020
When is the Best Time to Start Change Management?

In a nutshell, change management is “the people side of change.” Just as it’s essential to gather technical requirements before a technology adoption or expansion, it’s even more important to prepare human requirements—or information that will be key to helping staff adopt and use the new technology.

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March 17th 2020
7 Steps To Prepare for Your AMS Expert’s Absence

You can still power through even when the power users are sick. COVID—19 is bringing uncertainty and concern. One “What if…” you can put to rest is preparing all staff for your AMS expert’s time off for illness. The show can go on, and here’s how.

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April 17th 2020
5 Ways to maintain your productivity and company culture remotely

High powered teams don’t need proximity to flourish. Our idea of normal typically changes more slowly, but humans excel at adapting and surviving. Working remotely is no exception.

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