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Adopting new technology is difficult for even the best teams.

As YourMembership's preferred adoption partner, Starkweather knows how to drive adoption success. We help you manage training, strategy & on-boarding to reduce disruption and risk. We know how to fit training into busy schedules and keep momentum strong, even when teams are busy.

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November 4th 2019
Ambiguity tolerance…and what it means for your technology adoption.

Simply put, ambiguity tolerance is a personality trait that describes an individual’s comfort level with uncertainty. Some people thrive on uncertainty and even seek it out. Others want their world to be predictable, even if it means accepting situations that are less than ideal.

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November 5th 2019
Communication and your technology adoption.

How do you know if your communication hits its target? We’ve all organized emails, and some of us have organized email campaigns. How do you know if your hook worked? How do you know if that essential information made it to your targets?

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November 6th 2019
Design is a Tool for Everyone

Design is a tool that can be used outside of the implementing of actual design work. Design is a method for solving problems, and it’s about bringing intention to it. Good design, will always include a humanistic approach to solve a problem. It doesn’t mean that only designers can do this either.

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