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About Starkweather’s Technology Services:

Is your organization ready for a site that delivers better member engagement?

Are you ready for your team to have the training and support they need to crush their workflows?

That’s what we've been doing since 2006.

Starkweather’s technology services can prepare your organization for the optimized technical experiences you’ve been looking for.

Starkweather Association Services delivers a comprehensive technology adoption system, incorporating both strategic technical services and change readiness. Our change readiness process turns your team into partners in growth, who protect and improve the project instead of dreading it.

Why do we bring change readiness into our process? When organizations adopt new technology, it’s not just the system that’s changing; your staff need to change too. Change readiness addresses the people-side of change, while we’re also addressing technical requirements and growth goals.

Our Technical Services Mission

Creating a platform for association growth:

We can help you find those “ah ha” moments where you understand how to move past obstacles, meet your goals and better serve your community.

Starkweather Association Services helps our clients understand the capabilities of their organization and their technology and prepares them for growth.

Our evaluations can help you understand what’s standing between you and your growth: additional training, a better understanding of your technical systems, an updated strategy, or your data.

Based on your needs, Starkweather can provide:


Change Management



LMS Adoption and Course Creation

Business Process Modeling

Road Maps

Technical Discovery

We use a customized, agile project-management system, along with tools that provide transparency and accountability. We know how to fit change and upskilling into busy schedules and keep momentum strong, even when teams are busy.


Earn trust

Educate and innovate

Embrace and drive change

Always make the next step clear

Act with integrity

Our Ethics

We are:

Committed to helping our clients reduce risk, understand the capabilities of their technology, and prepare them for growth.

Dedicated to leaving our staff and clients better off than when we found them.

An open and welcoming workplace for people of every background, ethnicity, religion, and orientation.

Problem-solvers who believe in continuing education, collaboration, and gratefully accepting feedback.

Believers in “Fix the problem, not the blame.”

Are you ready to stop stressing about your AMS?

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