How We Work

How Starkweather delivers its technical services

Starkweather developed a custom process to optimize your growth goals.

Client satisfaction is such a priority that 86% of our clients renewed with us for continuing services.

We ask questions and listen carefully

Starkweather understands that technical issues are complex and unique to each organization. We ask a lot of questions to deeply understand your goals and concerns.

We evaluate

We run evaluations to more clearly understand your needs, limits and goals. Starkweather believes that the best solutions are data-driven, and derived from objective analysis.

We keep the project on track

Starkweather will set up a proactive meeting cadence to keep your project on track, and to make sure your team knows what to expect.

We create a project charter

Starkweather's project charter will prioritize your needs and organize the execution of your project.

We find a solution that fits your needs

Starkweather works with you to determine the project scope that meets your goals and budget.

We are transparent and accountable

Starkweather uses different tools to provide transparency and accountability for each engagement.

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