Technology adoptions

The anticipated disruption and expense of adopting a new technology can feel overwhelming. Starkweather has been helping associations create positive adoption experiences since 2006. Our focus is to help you:

Sound simple?

Not so much. We’ve helped associations pick up the pieces after trying to adopt a new system on their own or going with an IT guy who promised that it would be straightforward.

Associations are complex and strategic decay plays a significant part in searching for a new system. To implement a new system well, your organization needs to address how the new system will impact your strategy, or how a powerful new system could augment your current strategy.

How we run adoptions

We help organizations identify priorities, more deeply understand their internal processes, and prepare staff for the transition.  

Starkweather created a systematic process that is comprehensive, efficient and provides value. Our methodical approach to technical transitions will leave your organization with:

A plan that aligns your strategy with your new technology.
Improved experiences for your staff, members, and sponsors.
Business processes to prioritize during the adoption.
An understanding of where you are and what you need to do to achieve your desired utility with the new system.
An understanding of your core processes and revenue generators, so you can make savvy decisions going forward.
A thorough understanding of how your new system should be customized for your goals.
Well-organized financial processes with documentation.
A team that’s trained in their workflows on the new system with supporting documentation (if you opt for our training package).
An organization with digital-change competencies (if you go through the Cirrus Change Readiness© process).

The Starkweather Process


If at first you don't succeed, try Starkweather.

Starkweather has helped many clients reimplement or optimize an enterprise system that never got properly launched. Maybe it was the IT guy we mentioned above. It doesn’t matter why your association needs to reimplement. We’re here for you.

We run your association through the same comprehensive adoption process, so you can understand how to configure your site correctly and train your staff so that they can crush their workflows.

You don't know if your current system fits your needs/strategy anymore, or if it just wasn't implemented correctly. Instead of going through the disruption and financial risk of a new system, it is worth your time to explore if a reimplementation can solve your membership management problems.