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ROI Redefined

We've expanded the definition of ROI from "Return on Investment" to Revenue, Opportunity and Influence.

Anyone who is running a membership-based organization is aware of how critical all of these components are to success.

We start by looking at your revenue. How can you save money? How might you make more by repackaging assets? What are other member-based organizations doing? We introduce new products and visionary partners to strengthen the bottom line.

With new revenue, organizations are in a position to provide more opportunities for their members. By strengthening the bottom line of their members, associations can weave the business of the members into the business of the association creating a strong incentive for members to become enthusiastic stakeholders.

The end game is to influence the public discourse.  Your job is to protect and promote your members' interests in marketplace, the legislature, the regulatory agencies and beyond.  Influence is only secured through your ability to act whether it is one-on-one, in grass roots initiatives, in the airwaves, or on the web.

Enhancing existing or creating new revenue streams is critical to keeping your organization vital and dynamic. Revenue creates new opportunities to strengthen your ties to members and remind them of how vitally important the organization is to their professional success. Finally, a strong membership and organization provides influence, as you utilize your community towards grassroots activism