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Change Management

Why does your next project need change management?

Because even the best staff struggle with change. 70% of change initiatives fail to meet their goals. Adopting new technology is difficult, but using proven strategies, leaders can reduce the risk that people introduce to change.

When is the best time to integrate change management into your strategy?


Change management practices are foundational for building agile teams that respond better to any situation an organization might find itself in. If you’re planning to adopt a new technology, start reducing risk immediately.

Take a look at our slide deck for more details on why there is no time like the present.

Cirrus Change tools educate, measure, analyze & advise.


What else do you need to know to be successful? Learn how to apply key change factors to make sure you decrease risk. Cirrus Change can't erase all risk, but will help you understand how to best support your team and the change initiative.


How do leaders know if their team understands the change plan? Does the change plan cover the key strategies for successful change? What are the important strategies for reducing risk? The leader and team change surveys will identify gaps that create risk.

Risk Profile

The risk profile assesses the project risk based on the key change factors of motivation, ability and commitment. The change factors are ranked at low risk, moderate risk or high risk. The report details the responses that lead to the risk assessment.

Progress checks

Cirrus will check in with your team to determine how they feel about their progress and what specific steps will help them meet their goals. After getting feedback from their teams, organizations can adjust their plans to keep change on track.

Most staff say they are ready for a change, but what they don’t say can add risk to your project.

We approach change management proactively, educating leaders, running risk evaluations on staff and following up post-launch to understand what kinds of support they need. We even provide case studies to enhance learning. Leaders understand the tactics necessary to support change, and get tools to help them enact those. Cirrus also provides concrete steps that leaders can take based on the risk assessment from their staff. For more information, review our slide deck.

Starkweather also keeps change management affordable, offering solutions for significantly less than hiring a change management consultant. Call for pricing.

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