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About Us
About Us

Our Advantage

Through our change management research, we know that changing operational systems is one of the riskiest changes an organization can initiate. Starkweather Association Services has the most comprehensive team-training program that can be delivered live or online, every day, complemented with custom documentation, custom videos and an interactive library of tools. Our managed adoption practices and tools mitigate that risk.

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Our Mission

Starkweather Association Services helps our clients reduce risk, understand the capabilities of their organization, their technology and prepares them for growth.

We serve our clients using a variety of tools, selecting the right combination based on need: change management, SWOT, gap, the business canvass, business process modeling, custom road maps, training, SEO analysis, content strategy analysis and mind-mapping.

We use a customized agile project management system, along with tools that provide transparency and accountability. We pride ourselves on being available across multiple channels to meet client needs. We know how to fit change and upskilling into busy schedules and keep momentum strong, even when teams are busy.

Starkweather does this because we believe in leaving our clients better than we found them. Our goal is to help organizations find those “ah ha” moments where they understand how to move past obstacles to meet their goals and better serve their community.



Melinda Starkweather and Joe Plasterer have been partners since they met in 1986.

Jump ahead to 2006. We introduced some of our state-capitol colleagues to YourMembership. Bill Stover, co-founder of YourMembership, created his first sales spif and partnership program because we brought the fledgling YM deals from God’s country, Madison, Wisconsin. Since then, we’ve been recognized as YourMembership’s Preferred Adoption Partner. And we’ve built a great team because of those relationships.

It’s now 2019 and we’re over 10 strong, with creative wonderful grown-ups in St. Petersburg, FL, Boston, Chicago and Madison who get the job done. We’ve worked with hundreds of associations from east Africa, the UK, across the US, to Australia and New Zealand. We’ve met some wonderful people, contributed to their success and learned a lot in the process.

For example, we are taking what we’ve learned about the risk that project teams bring to technology adoptions and are rolling it into our new product offering, Cirrus Change, Change Management tools, to support SaaS adoptions. We are constantly learning and seeking new ways to do better for our clients and their members, while we provide as good a life as we can for our team, ourselves and our families, grateful for everyone we’ve met and all the experiences we've gained along the way.

So reach out when you get a chance, say ‘Hi!’ and let’s figure out together how we can leave this place better than we found it. Oh, and let’s have some fun along the way.

Joe Plasterer & Melinda Starkweather
Starkweather Association Services LLC


Our Team

CMP, Principal
Director of Customer Success
Technical Account Manager
Lead Design Consultant
Technical Account Manager
Instructional Designer
Director of Strategic Services

Our Ethics


We Are: Committed to helping our clients reduce risk, understand the capabilities of their technology, prepare them for growth.

Dedicated to leaving our staff and clients better off than when we found them.

Open and welcoming workplace for people of every background, ethnicity, religion and orientation.

Problem solvers who believe in continuing education, in collaboration and gratefully accepting feedback.

Believers in “Fix the problem, not the blame.”

Committed to helping our clients reduce risk, understand the capabilities of their technology, prepare them for growth and leaving our staff and clients better off than when we found them.

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