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Capture more ROI with custom training

Starkweather Training Delivers Value Using A Custom Approach

Custom Training Tools & Sandbox Sites

Starkweather works with you to determine what you want to learn and in what order. The training is delivered to your team with documentation, videos and a tool for questions and discussions.  We provide access to a lighthearted sandbox site where people can experiment with new skills in a risk-free environment.

Online & On-Demand Training

Your training system includes a dedicated board to your team’s education, questions, documentation and videos. Our team is also available for on-demand Skype or tutorials when needed.

Participation Tracking

As your team works through the different educational components, Starkweather tracks participation of each team member on each component. Leaders will know who is participating and who is not. This type of transparency is helpful for keeping your team accountable.

Collaboration & Feedback

The training board provides tools for asking questions to the team or the trainer. Each topic has space for discussing what worked as expected or what was difficult. What was your experience like in the sandbox site? These discussions become launch pads for problem solving and creating more member value.

The Method Of Introducing New Technology To Your Team Is
One Of The Most Critically Important Strategies For Success

Learning a new system presents a unique set of risks. Truly effective training requires more than just exposure to tools and one or two classes on how to use them, or an invitation to review videos when staff have time.

Starkweather’s customized training can ensure that your staff have custom documentation, essential skill development, the opportunity to test their skills, accountability, an opportunity to provide feedback, custom videos and pace that will accommodate their busy schedules.  When a team isn’t properly trained, they often request integrations with previous technology because they don’t fully understand the new.

Training Needs To Account For Many Variables:

o   Available time for the team to learn and adopt a new system

o   The mental exhaustion that accompanies learning new material

o   Accommodating different learning styles

o   The need for custom documentation and videos

The Starkweather Training System Is Both Structured And Flexible

The training system has weekly training goals and is run a bit like a scrum with small daily goals reviewed in short training sessions. Each session is recorded, so anyone who missed the training could get access to the questions and dialogue surrounding the topic. The sessions build on each other, creating greater confidence as mastery grows. The spaced practice makes learning easier.

Spaced-Practice Training Reduces Risk

When participants study using spaced practice, they retain more than people who learn by attending one longer training session. People learn best using a spaced practice schedule. New skill retention from spaced practice is superior even with less total time spent compared to mass practice (Kang 2016)

Starkweather Delivers Training To Your Team

When setting up training, we deliver a custom training experience that your team has available for real-time learning, or by reviewing recordings and documentation, or by Skyping for a one-on-one. Asking your busy employees to find the time to sign up for webinars, wait for the webinars, post questions and review generic documentation will slow the learning process and require your team to be diligent about chasing down information.

Shrink The Change

By successfully accomplishing small goals, the participants develop confidence in themselves and the system. This creates momentum for the change. A key to managing change includes “shrinking the change” as advocated by the Heath Brothers in their book, Switch. (Heath 2010). The short lessons keep change manageable.

Daily (or nearly daily) training takes advantage of the psychological phenomenon, the mere-exposure effect (Luttrell 2016),where people develop a preference for something simply because they become increasingly familiar with it.