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Technical Services
Technical Services


Generate new revenue, save time and create opportunities with our technical services:


Yourmembership solutions

Yourmembership has a steep learning curve that can slow your implementation goals. Let Starkweather Association Services flatten that curve by showing your team the ropes, organizing reports, data uploads and critical settings while we train your team. Starkweather has been working with YourMembership since 2006. We can help your organization configure the site to work best with your member types and memberships. Our team has over 70 years of combined experience with the YM platform and is ready to provide you with the skills, best practices, documentation and know-how to make the system meet your goals. .

Unsure if your member types or memberships will help you meet your strategic goals? Starkweather Association Services can take you through a discovery process to understand your options.

Starkweather can run customized training, filled with documentation and videos that your team can refer back to and keep. We can set up reports, invoicing, major events, data-imports or just take care of a punch list. We can stay on in place of in-house experts, or train your staff to become YM subject matter experts.


Learning Management System Services

Connecting members to continuing education builds loyalty and retention. With COVID 19, organizations must provide opportunities for continuing education that are not only online, but also engaging, high-quality referenceable and revenue-building. If you need to establish an LMS (Learning management system), transition to a new one, or review your instructional design, Starkweather can help.

Starkweather has an instructional designer on staff with more than twenty years of experience. Starkweather can guide you through laying out your educational business model, understanding components of effective curriculum, optimizing your system, or helping run it.

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SEO and Google Analytics

New revenue depends on your ability to be found online. A search engine optimization (SEO) analysis can provide critical guidance to understanding how easy it is for potential members and sponsors to find your site, and is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy.

What content is building loyalty and what content is losing it? Why do users start looking at your site? then leave. What pages are keeping your users engaged? What does this tell you about your content and your ideas of your user journey?

A Google Analytics analysis will provide you with a detailed understanding of where users are moving in the right direction and where they're dropping off.

Business Process Modeling

"I'm just not clear on how this is going to work."

Transitioning to a new system is easier with well-defined, visual models of new workflows. Your staff need to learn new processes for completing tasks they used to know by heart. Starkweather can evaluate your team's current work-flows and overlay the new ones, making the transition more straight-forward. Visual paths help staff catch on faster and help make the technology adoption stick.

Just as importantly, plotting a process model identifies key players and their essential roles. Process models provide security and continuity in case a key player becomes ill or decides to leave suddenly. Even without your expert, your organization can stay operative.

Creating process models can identify staff who may need change management help. While running a process model that described new automations, one staff member became upset. "Hey, that's my job that's being automated!" She needed coaching from her boss to assure her that she would be given other responsibilities and not let go.

Design Services

Good design drives revenue. Effective design is so much more than a pretty hero image. Starkweather's design experts bring together functionality and style, marrying brand with targeted outcomes. A design refresh can enhance site adjustment based on SEO and Google Analytics findings. Our staff has extensive with Yourmembership redesigns, as well as WordPress and other platforms.

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