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What is Cirrus Change Management?

Change-initiatives bring risk. The safest path forward is data-driven.

What is Cirrus Change Management?

What is Cirrus Change Management? Cirrus Change is a cloud-based, change-management system that leads organizations through a tailored process to reduce risk. We provide a data-driven, customized path for leaders, including education, analysis and actionable recommendations for success.

Traditional change management typically involves a costly, on-site specialist for long periods of time. Cirrus Change engages remotely, through structured phases. The first phase develops leadership skills and provides them with tools to mitigate change risk. The second phase evaluates leader and staff readiness. Cirrus uses data from these assessments to create a risk analysis and tailored take-action steps to address the risk. Finally, Cirrus Change Management checks in post-launch to evaluate staff perceptions, use and adoption of the new technology.

How Cirrus Change Management works:

Through online meetings, cloud-based learning, coaching and a series of evaluations, we:

Prepare leaders

We educate and evaluate leaders on their understanding of the complex nature of change projects and how to mitigate risk from change.

Evaluate staff

Our evaluations provide essential feedback from staff to understand their fears, confusions, perceptions and even psychological traits that can impact the success of change projects.

Analyze data

We analyze feedback data, determine the potential areas of risk, and provide tactics for mitigating that risk.

Reinforce use and adoption

We check in with staff post-launch to understand issues with the system. Based on the results, we recommend solutions to encourage long-term adoption.

The problems we solve

The staff who will need to adopt and use the new system account for the majority of the project risk. “Simply put, nine system failures out of ten, it's the human factor. And even that 10th example probably has a very strong human component hiding somewhere.” - Allen Bernard, CIO Update.

  • Address the biggest risk to ROI: the staff involved in the project.
  • Help keep projects on track and on budget.
  • Augment staff agility and create a change-friendly culture.
  • Amplify the change skills and knowledge of leaders.