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What to expect from an engagement with Cirrus Change Management’s online program

What to expect from an engagement with Cirrus Change Management’s online program

Can cloud-based change management work? Absolutely! It’s cost-effective as well. We at Cirrus Change Management are always happy to join an organization in person, but we run the majority of our engagements remotely.

We begin with online meetings to get to know you and learn about your needs, organizational structure and timeframe. From there we recommend the tools and coaching best suited to your projects. Cirrus Change Management will provide options to establish a plan for moving forward.

Change management begins by enrolling leaders in the Change Accelerator©. The leaders engage in our seven educational modules and activities to learn why change initiatives often fail to meet their goals. These modules are brief, but informative, and provide tools to mitigate the causes of risk. Leaders acquire the knowledge and skills to recognize and diminish different types of risk.

Cirrus Change provides coaching check-ins and learning reinforcement. The Cirrus Change Accelerator© has built-in reinforcement to remind users to return to lessons left unfinished. Our team of certified change managers will check in with learners to answer questions and provide clarity.

We send out Cirrus Change Leader Assessments© concurrent to or after the Change Accelerator. This tool works for one or multiple leaders to help Cirrus Change understand their awareness of project risk-reduction practices. Cirrus creates detailed reports that identify risk and provide steps to decrease those risks.

Cirrus Change sends out the Team Readiness Assessment©. This evaluation allows us to identify staff perceptions, feelings, knowledge and psychological traits that may slow down your change project.

Cirrus Change uses data from staff responses to create a customized risk-analysis. The report includes take-action steps to decrease risk and other information to propel change. The take-action steps are created specifically for your team and their unique risk profiles.

The Change Team Launchpad© can train select staff to become a leader’s “feet on the ground” during the change. The Launchpad helps the “change team” understand how to spot and mitigate resistance, and effectively meet with project sponsors. The Launchpad builds change competency and agility.

After launch, Cirrus sends out surveys to understand how the adoption is progressing. Are the necessary skills in place? Where is more documentation needed? Is there a rare use case that is now becoming a dealbreaker for a department? We check in to find out where your team is struggling and why, so they don’t give up on the new system.

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